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Westside Flight Chart 2.1 ready

17th March 2015

Here is the official and approved Westside Flight Chart 2.1 available for download. All our 18 models are included in this latest chart version 2.1.
Download here Westside pdf flight chart version 2.1 English.
Download here Westside pdf flight chart version 2.1 Finnish.


Release on 1 March: Westside BT Soft Swan 1 Reborn

26th February 2015

The Westside Swan 1 was our original putter. It should fly straight for anyone right off the shelf. The old Westside Swan 1’s mold was retooled into Westside Swan 2, and we have now remade the old Westside Swan 1 mold using old lost and found blueprints. The Westside Swan 1 Reborn is more understable than Westside Swan 2. Official release is 1 March 2015 and the Swan 1 Reborn will be made first in BT Soft plastic. Flight numbers are 3,3,-1,0


Release on 1 March: Westside VIP Bard and Tournament Bard

26th February 2015

The Westside Bard is our first overstable midrange. Actually the Bard may be the most overstable midrange disc of all Trilogy family within speed classes 5-6. The Westside Bard will be released in VIP and Tournament plastics on 1 March 2015. Flight numbers are 5,4,0,3


Release on 1 March: Westside VIP Seer and Tournament Seer

26th February 2015

The Westside Seer is a driver designed to improve the game of players with smaller hands and lower power. It is an easier to grip, narrow rim understable control driver with good glide and control. The Westside Seer will be released in VIP and Tournament plastics on 1 March 2015. Flight numbers are 7,5,-2,1


New releases: Elasto Plastic, VIP Harp, BT Hard Shield

6th November 2014

Westside is preparing to release a new plastic at end November. First two discs made in new Elasto plastic are Westside Elasto Giant and Westside Elasto World. Elasto plastic is transparent and flexible plastic that is good also in cold climate conditions.
Together with Elasto plastic we are releasing BT Hard version of Westside Shield putter.
Our overstable putter - mid-range Westside VIP Harp is being released right now during first week of November.

Westside Discs next releases will be on 1 March 2015. We are planning to release two all-new molds and one remade mold at that time. The all-new molds are an overstable midrange called Westside Bard and an understable control driver called Westside Seer. These will both be made in VIP and Tournament plastics. The remade mold is the good old Swan 1 which will come back. On March 1 it will be released using name Westside BT Soft Swan 1 Reborn. We are applying PDGA approvals to these three new molds in December.


Article series by David Feldberg started

24th August 2014

Former World Champion David Feldberg has started an article series at our websites Tournaments and Pros section. We have asked Dave to write about very different subjects compared to his articles at another Trilogy website. The Westside-articles are meant to be timeless, meaning they contain information and advice that does not go old. Westside is very pleased to release this kind of valuable advice from one of worlds top players, who is a well known fan of Westside discs.

Release: Moonshine King, Moonshine Underworld, BT Hard Harp, BT Medium Harp and BT Medium Swan 2

9th July 2014

We release officially our two first discs in Moonshine plastic this Sunday 13th July. First of them is Westside King and the second is Westside Underworld. Westside Moonshine plastic glows in the dark for a limited time after exposure to flashlight or to other light source.
Other released are the putters in harder plastics. Overstable Westside Harp is now available also in BT Hard and BT Medium plastics. Understable Westside Swan 2 is now released in BT Medium plastic. We have unconfirmed/unofficial plans to produce Harp in VIP plastic in the coming months due to customer demand.

Flight Chart 2.0 ready

8th March 2014

New Westside Flight Chart 2.0 is published. New additions are our new models Westside World, Westside Hatchet, Westside Harp and Westside Sorcerer. This is official and approved flight chart.