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Article by David Feldberg: Basic etiquette, courtesy, and flow of disc golf at any level

24th August 2014

When playing disc golf there are some basic rules to follow and equipment decisions to make to maintain flow and allow yourself and others around you to also enjoy the game. I will cover a few of the basic issues you may encounter while playing.

What to wear?

As you will find out disc golf is more relaxed than ball golf and so is the dress code. If you are headed to a tournament you will notice that professional players do have a dress code similar to ball golf, requiring collared shirts and such. But at the recreational level you want to dress for comfort and performance. You will be in public so tattered clothing is not recommended. Dress for the weather and your ability to move freely in your outfit. Wearing something that inhibits your movement could affect your swing and hamper your enjoyment.

What to bring with you besides discs?

If you are going for fun all you will need besides your discs is a beverage to stay hydrated and a positive attitude. Just remember to check the weather and dress accordingly. If you are headed to play a tournament you will need many things to be prepared. First you will need to pack for all possible weather for the season and location where you are playing. From umbrellas to sunscreen do not let Mother Nature beat you come ready. This also will help your mind frame when the weather comes and the others are scurrying to get a towel, you will have 4 in a plastic bag sealed and ready to go. You should also pack food in your bag, everybody likes something different. Don't feel like it has to be healthy, it is usually hard for athletes to eat during competition so pack your favorite snack, because you will need the energy. In your car pack extra shoes, chair, discs, etc. You have them why not bring them and feel more comfortable in a dry pair of shoes the second round. The more you prepare the more your mind can use its energy to focus on the task at hand. Creating your best athletic performance possible. Worrying is a form of fear, take away the fear, and you will increase your chances to succeed greatly.

What plastic should I use?

As I have mentioned weather will be a factor when choosing your disc to play with on the course. VIP is great for most conditions and is what I would recommend for its durability. If it is a rainy day or you have sweaty hands I would suggest using our Tournament plastic for a better grip. It has a softer feel and allows you to get that tight grip in all conditions.
For putting and approaching I suggest the BT soft for heavy wind. As the wind goes down the stiffness of my choice goes up. So with no wind I prefer BT Hard plastic. For putting I believe it is personal preference on stiffness level of your putter, but over my career the opinion I can make is that push putters have more success with stiffer putters and spin putters have more success with softer putters. Just what I have noticed but try for yourself to be sure you are comfortable.

Now you are playing. What is the etiquette?

Just like ball golf you start on hole one and try to keep your groups to five or less. As you are playing you may encounter hurdles like a lost tee shot or a disc stuck in a tree. Many times in these instances other groups start to approach the hole where the mishap occurred. Feel free to wave them through and tell them it is ok to play through. Sometimes it takes a few minutes to retrieve your disc and allowing others to play through is proper etiquette. You will even meet some other golfers as they play through and maybe they will help you look.
Other basic etiquette to follow is keeping your noise moderate, allowing the higher hole to play first in crossing fairways, making sure the hole is clear before teeing on a blind hole, treating the course with respect, pick up your trash, and following posted course rules. If you follow these rules you will learn the flow of play and it will become second nature to you and you will become more relaxed knowing you are doing your best to respect the integrity of the game. Don’t forget, Have fun!!

Trilogy Challenge 2014

24th March 2014

The Trilogy Challenge is your opportunity to help promote the sport of disc golf. Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64°, and Westside Discs are excited to present this brand new event! Our goal is to gain better visibility of the sport and to get more new players involved.
Details are available at Trilogy Challlenge website.


About tournament sponsorship

13th November 2013

Starting from January 2014 we will sponsor tournaments in United States mainly together with Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs. There will be plenty of opportunities for tournament TD's to get our products to players packages. We are planning to release selected Westside models in Recycled plastic to be used as high-quality tournament discs. Interested TD's are encouraged to contact Dynamic Discs for more information.

In the past we sponsored tournaments in Europe, in United States and in Canada as Westside-only. The biggest tournament we sponsored outside the Trilogy sponsorship was Am Worlds 2011 in Rochester New York.