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Disc Golf Tournament Sponsorship and Pro Players

Trilogy Challenge 2014

24th March 2014

The Trilogy Challenge is your opportunity to help promote the sport of disc golf. Dynamic Discs, Latitude 64°, and Westside Discs are excited to present this brand new event! Our goal is to gain better visibility of the sport and to get more new players involved.
Details are available at Trilogy Challlenge website.


About tournament sponsorship

13th November 2013

Starting from January 2014 we will sponsor tournaments in United States mainly together with Latitude 64 and Dynamic Discs. There will be plenty of opportunities for tournament TD's to get our products to players packages. We are planning to release selected Westside models in Recycled plastic to be used as high-quality tournament discs. Interested TD's are encouraged to contact Dynamic Discs for more information.

In the past we sponsored tournaments in Europe, in United States and in Canada as Westside-only. The biggest tournament we sponsored outside the Trilogy sponsorship was Am Worlds 2011 in Rochester New York.


Westside product reviews by Gregg Barsby

29th January 2013

Our team player Gregg Barsby has reviewed most of our discs from a pro-players perspective. Here is what he says:

The Stag is an all around, easy to use fairway driver. I would consider this disc "Slightly over-stable" meaning it will hold a stable line on whatever angle you choose, if thrown hard. It has a very smooth flight with lots of glide, making it versitile for different shots and situations. It feels good in the hand, and is fun to throw and watch fly.

The Sword is a very versatile stable long distance flier. This disc flies incredibly straight when thrown correctly and will “S” when thrown at high speed, can be used either backhand or forehand, mainly I use it for backhand control shots up to about 400 feet. (Maybe more!) This disc will go where you throw it, put it on the line and it is on its way! I was skeptical when I saw a 12 in the speed category; however, the Sword is deceptively quick and takes little effort to achieve its flight. I can see the sword as a great all around driver, and will work for just about any player at any skill level.

The Boatman is a slightly overstable long range, the reason I say slightly is that this disc flies straight when thrown hard (350+), and tails near the finish of the flight. If you toss it, (300-) it will be overstable. This disc is awesome for the sidearm thrower, predictable and consistent flight characteristics with a good snap will produce good shot after good shot! The Boatman has a great glide and I enjoy this mold! This disc is better for the experienced thrower or bigger arms.

The Warship is a smooth operator; I would classify this mid-range disc as “stable”. Thrown firmly and it will hold its line, if thrown hard it will move to the right, if thrown softly it will move left. Creative lines can be attained, for this disc holds the line through the flight with a little fade at the end. This is a versatile mid range for players of all skill levels.

The Giant is a super fast, overstable driver. Great for both backhand and forehand throws this disc delivers a fast, predictable flight and a fantastic glide. What more could a long thrower ask for! This disc will travel as far as practically any disc on the market, is controllable and with its easy to hold profile, will find its way into the bags of many... max out a distance throw and the Giant comes back stable. I see this disc being a steadfast mold in my bag. You will feel like a giant crushing the huge route, just remember… it’s the disc!

The Northman is a straight to S curve disc for the average disc golfer, great for control shots through the woods, and an awesome choice for those without the big arm distance. For the longer throwers, this is a sweet hyzer-flipup and ride shots with effortlessness! All they can say is WOW!

The King is perfect if you throw with less torque and more touch. The King’s sleek profile and extra glide make it soar through the air, and its rim is easy to grab onto and throw, unlike other large rim discs. If you are looking for more distance, the King has the crown.