Westside Black Basket

Disc Golf Basket

PDGA Approved standard level disc golf basket.

Launch date

Westside Black Baskets launch date was 1 May 2013.

Manufacturers official product description:

The Westside Black Basket features 12 galvanized outer chains and 6 galvanized inner chains. The pole and number plate are powder coated in black color. The Black Basket is meant mainly for non-permanent installation such as home or summer cottage use. The Westside Black Baskets are machine welded in a Chinese factory according to Westside's drawings. Automated welding explains the economical price when compared to many other baskets in the market. Westside Black Basket is easy to carry in a cars trunk because the pole is made of two parts. The basket is designed according to PDGA specifications and is PDGA approved in both standard level and basic level.


American UPC barcode of Westside Black Basket is 0639713988451.


Westside Black Baskets are designed in Finland Europe and manufactured in China.

Spare parts

Year 2014 is the second season we are delivering Black Baskets, which are made in China. If there is any problem with your baskets quality, or if it does not look same as in the pictures, please help us and report it to us. We are happy to send free spare parts to your dealer. We made some improvements to 2014 model compared to 2013 model, such as more durable attachment of the lower pole.

Varaosat (spare parts in Finnish language)

Vuosi 2014 on toinen kausi kun tuotamme Black Baskettia Kiinassa. Jos ostamasi frisbeekori ei näytä samanlaiselta kuin kuvassa tai siinä on jokin yksilöllinen laatuongelma, auta Westsidea raportoimalla ongelma meille. Lähetämme tarvittavat varaosat ilmeiseksi suoraan kotiosoitteeseesi. Teimme vuoden 2013 malliin parannuksen alaputken ja jalustan kiinnitykseen joka tapahtuu nykyään pultilla ja mukana tulevalla kuusiokoloavaimella. Myös yläputken hitsauksia on parannettu.

Official specifications

Number of chains 12 + 6.
Deflection assembly maximum width 55,5 cm.
Maximum size of gaps on top 12,6.
Mesh Absent.
Deflection assembly material Steel.
Basket height above ground 83 cm.
Basket depth 18,5 cm.
Basket inside diameter 63,5 cm.
Basket maximum size gaps 19,0 cm
Number plate Yes.
Basket material Steel.
Covering Absent.
Number of reps 12
Target zone height 52 cm.
Pole diameter 3,8 cm
Available color Black pole, black number plate, other parts steel.
Weight 12 kg
PDGA certificate numbers 13-06 and 12-39

Product photos